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Scope of the Tell A Story Writing Program For Beginners

Below is the scope of the Tell A Story Writing Program For Beginners: Figuring out the problem quad for the overall story Answering the 7 essential questions about the story one wants to write...


Tell A Story Conversations – Episode One featuring Pearl Kasirye

  Host: Samuel Ogeda Guest: Pearl Kasirye Time Stamps:  What kind of writing do you do? – 00:47 What fuels your love for writing? – 01:03 What makes a great story? – 03:35 In what...


The Four Throughlines Will Help Your Readers Gain Diverse Perspectives On The Central Problem Being Explored In Your Story

  There are four different throughlines (perspectives) which must be explored as a story unfolds in order to present all sides of the issue/problem at the heart of a story. Recapping on our definition...

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